The clay takes shape

Ceramiche Toscane s.r.l.s. represents an Italian company that is attentive to maintaining the traditions typical of the territory, thus the craftsmanship and originality of its products, using the most innovative materials.

In addition to typical Tuscan production, there are lines with innovative design in shapes, colors and style; our production goes from tableware to colored pots; it is possible to make tableware with style and make your home unique.

handmade in tuscany

Tuscany has always been the land of traditions and ceramic processing centers thanks to the large amount of clay present in the underground.

It dates back to the year 1000, this ancient tradition of clay processing, which became enriched in the unique forms and decorations that have always marked it. They are especially famous for enamels, decorations and colors as well as for shapes.

ceramiche toscane

Made in Italy